Travelex Facebook Contest

Created a Facebook app for Travelex to promote their business . The app was a contest where users would get to plan their dream trip around the world using one million flyer miles. The contest winner was to received the actual one million miles to use however they wanted. The core functionality and animation was provided by Google Maps, using jQuery for all of the interaction. HTML/Javascript/jQuery/GoogleMaps API/mySQL/PHP

Virgin Wines Twitter Contest

I built a custom twitter contest for Vigin Wines. Users would tweet a picture containing a specific hashtag. An automated system searches twitter for the hashtags and creates an entry into the contest. A back-end interface allows for moderation of images. The entire platform runs on just 13kB of code. HTML/Javascript/PHP/mySQL

Turpin & Rattan

Completed this new site for an engineering company. Static, Table-less HTML with minimal image tags, driven almost completely with CSS. This allowed the site to have a consistent look for all modern browsers. Added some simple javascript elements for fading slideshows on certain pages. Overall, this site ended up being very clean with minimal coding. 100% W3C XHMLT 1.0 compliant. Built using: HTML, CSS, Javascript and jquery. Check out the site here.