Just finished a rebuild of www.icarkits.com. Previously, it was running OSCommerce. I created a new, custom built, light-weight e-commerce framework using PHP. A Google Docs integration is used for managing available products without the need for an “admin” console on the site. PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript and CSS were used to build the site. HTML/PHP/MySQL/Javascript/AJAX Visit the site here.

Vogt Company

Just finished this site for VogtCompany.com. Dynamic XHTML based with minimal table use. All pages are database driven. Custom URL structure. Custom back-end to manage content. 100% W3C XHMLT 1.0 compliant. Built using: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Visit the site here.

Turpin & Rattan

Completed this new site for an engineering company. Static, Table-less HTML with minimal image tags, driven almost completely with CSS. This allowed the site to have a consistent look for all modern browsers. Added some simple javascript elements for fading slideshows on certain pages. Overall, this site ended up being very clean with minimal coding. 100% W3C XHMLT 1.0 compliant. Built using: HTML, CSS, Javascript and jquery. Check out the site here.